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Application for International Recognition as a Transition Trainer/Facilitator

Please fill out the form below only if you would like to be recognized as a Transition Trainer/Facilitator at the international level. Once you submit your application, it will be reviewed by members of the international Training for Transition Circle. If approved, your information will be listed publicly on the Transition Network website and you will be invited to join the international Transition Training Community of Practice.

For more background on Training for Transition at the international level, please see our Recognition of Trainers/Facilitators for Transition document.

Please note that this form only applies to recognition as a Transition Trainer/Facilitator at the international level. Transition Hubs and local initiatives are in no way restricted from making their own decisions about local or regional level training development and delivery, training of trainers, recognition of trainers, or employment of or contracting with trainers.

This form was developed to help trainers be included on the Transition Network website and listed to help different groups and territories that need training. In order to be approved, you will need to fill out the criteria below, and update your information every two years to remain current. Please understand that when you are listed, you are expected to be an active trainer and be ready to receive calls for training from the Transition Movement.

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