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Tenby Connects

Last Updated: 65 days ago
Constituted Community Group
Meget aktiv
  • Voksende samfund
  • Festivaler, messer eller begivenheder
  • Opbygning af lokale netværk
  • Velbefindende eller indre forandring
  • Del, reparer eller genbrug

Tenby Connects began with the aim of starting a community fridge and edible community garden. It has done this, and the Plastic Free Tenby group has also joined Tenby Connects. There are other additions such as Poetry in the Park and the Tenby food hub, and the group are keen to expand into other areas.

Recently we have started a repair cafe, and are aiming to expand the community fridge by having a satellite in the local comprehensive school.

We are starting to rebrand the repair cafe day as Sustainable Saturday and continue to broaden our activities.

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