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Nachhaltiger Nordosten Seattles

Last Updated: 531 days ago

Sustainable NE Seattle serves an area of mostly bedroom communities incorporated within Seattle city limits. Sustainable NE Seattle was originally founded along the lines of similar “Sustainable” communities in the Seattle area, collectively known as Sustainable Communities All Over Puget Sound (SCALLOPS), and later became an official Transition Initiative as well.

The group has been hosting a monthly general meeting on a variety of topics since May 2008. The group also has a very active food group, which calls itself Urban Farmers, has an annual Barter Faire, community kitchen and awareness-raising events.

Members of the steering committee created a Discussion Course based on the Transition Handbook that has been offered by other groups.

Several members of the steering committee are also involved in the formation of Transition Seattle, which is intended to complement the work of the community-level groups at the city level.

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