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Transition Berkeley

Last Updated: 13 days ago
Transition Berkeley has a Board of Directors that manage the organization and plan projects and activities. We regularly host our own events as well as participate in citywide events. Participation can range from a small group to hundreds of community members.
Transition Berkeley was formed in 2011.
Transition Berkeley is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax exempt.
Very Active
  • Community Growing
  • Other food projects
  • Nature
  • Community hub or activities
  • Festivals, fairs or events
  • Art / creativity
  • Community visioning / imagination work
  • Building local networks
  • Local economy or new economy projects
  • Wellbeing or Inner Transition
  • Social Justice / Just Transition activities
  • Youth or education projects
  • Share, Repair or reuse
  • Energy
  • Transport
Transition Berkeley activities and projects emerge through volunteer interests and collaborations. See our website for updates. Examples of our activities include: -Crop Swap & Share events -Skill & Idea Share events -Community Repair Events -Native Pollinator Gardens in parks & schools -Little Native Seed Libraries -Local advocacy related to our mission

Transition Berkeley was founded in 2011 as the 110th official Transition Initiative in the U.S. Our mission is to bring neighbors and community members together to build a more equitable, regenerative, self-reliant future for Berkeley. We envision a strong, diverse local economy, with greatly reduced dependence on fossil fuels, and a healthy, cooperative, rewarding community life.

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