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Transition Black Isle

Last Updated: 290 days ago
Transition Black Isle is about helping Black Isle communities thrive in the face of Climate Change.  We run community markets, we support local food and drink producers, we help people grow more food, we encourage non-car travel, support energy saving and promote reduction of single use plastics  – and much more.  If we in the Black Isle work together to manage more of our own resources, we can thrive despite whatever climate change and the end of fossil fuels throws our way.  All of us will be affected, all of us can do something for our lives and our children’s lives.  How can we help each other? We set up in 2009 and now we:  operate three (and support one) community market; support an Electric Bike Hire social enterprise; run practical courses in food growing; run an annual potato day and apple pressing days; created and support a local larder website showing all the local food growers, sellers, cafes, restaurants etc; produce Active Travel Maps for the Black Isle , have updated safe cycling & walking route maps; promote ‘slow tourism’; and are engaged in many local and Community Networks,  or Facebook page.

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