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Bonn im Wandel – Transition Initiative of Bonn

  • Hub: Germany
  • Topics: Ambiente natural, Comida e bebida, Cultura e sociedade, Culture & Society, Food & drink, Inner Transition, Knowledge & learning, Kultur och samhälle, Natural environment, Reconomia, REconomy, Transport

Bonn im Wandel was founded in 2011.

It is a vibrant initiative with a bunch of transformative projects such as the first Community Supported Agriculture of Bonn (SoLaWi Bonn) Repair Cafes, a cargo bike rental service Bolle Bonn, the campaign “Bonn blossoms and humms” etc. The website of Bonn im Wandel  provides a  calendary and newsletter and is used by sustainability initiatives of Bonn. In 2019 we startet TraFo Bonn the Transition Academy of Bonn im Wandel offering Workshops, Trainings and Talks. In 2019 Bonn im Wandel was awarded by UN Decade of Biodiversity for the campaign “Bonn Blossoms and Humms”. In 2020 we got the community award of the City of Bonn for outstanding civic engagement. Bonn im Wandel is deeply embedded in a network of local and regional players and also connected to the international Transition Network. In 2017 we reported from COP23 in Bonn.

In 2021 we started up a citywide two year participatory process “Bonn4Future – we for the climate”

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