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Transition Bristol is a volunteer-led initiative that has initiated, supported, enabled and inspired many neighbourhood and city-level resilience projects in Bristol.

Established in 2007 as a Limited Liability Company Registered by Guarantee, Transition Bristol and neighbourhood Transition Initiatives in the City have helped create many projects that are now strongly established, including for example Shift Bristol, Bristol Pound, The Community Farm, Bristol Food Network, Bristol Energy Cooperative, Sims Hill Shared Harvest, Bristol Energy Network and the Whiteladies Road Farmers and Fair Trading Market.

The Transition Movement in Bristol in effect comprises hundreds if not thousands of people engaged in Transition-related actions in the City. In 2017 the company was dissolved, and the Transition Bristol Initiative continues as a team of volunteers, all of us involved in transition related activities. Our timeline shows just a few of the many transition related events in the City. We have an active Facebook page, and you can contact us via our website.