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Bucuresti in Tranzitie

Last Updated: 584 days ago
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Bucuresti in Transitie started in January 2012 (from the 1st national permaculture gathering that took place in the summer of 2011) through a introductory workshop in Transition. Since then we have organized different activities in which we engaged beautiful people that soon became an informal community of people interested in permaculture, transition, low impact living, alternative living and thinking.

What we have done so far is:

movies screenings for “In Transition 1.0” and In “Transition 2.0” public presentations of Transition Towns concepts organized events and activities dedicated to promotion of permaculture (we are proud to have organized in Bucharest an introductory workshop in Permaculture with Rod Everett and Mill Millichap in the fall of 2012), Community Supported Agriculture, etc. developed projects (that are in different stages of development) oriented towards susteinability and community, which are: creating a seed bank school gardening informat permaculture school/meeting groups urban/recicled art textile recycling (sowing learning project) cooking club


We have started to develop specialized teams of people that are working on growing Transition Towns in Bucharest/Romania: communication team, events team, IT/web design-development team, projects team, documentation/translations team. We are in the process of creating a nice website and a NGO whil will serve as tools for the future national Transition Towns movement in Romania.

We work in close cooperation with Romanian Permaculture Association (actually we are almost the same people), with other Transition Initiatives that are in different stages of development in Romania (Timisoara, Iasi, Cluj, Brasov) and with other susteinability oriented NGOs in the country. 

The Bucharest group meets on a weekly basis. If you want to join us or at least meet us, drop us an email or a message on the Facebook page (

We dream big, but move in sustenable steps.

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