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Building Resilience In Mission (BRIM)

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We have 10 regular repairers for the Repair Cafe.
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The City of Mission consists of the small town of Mission and its surrounding rural area about 70 km (45 miles) east of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  It is located on the slopes of the north shore of the Fraser River overlooking the Fraser Valley.  The rapidly growing community has a current population of about 41,000.

In October 2011, the Vancouver-based Be The Change Earth Alliance, in cooperation with the District of Mission Restorative Justice program, presented an Environmental Symposium in Mission.  Following the symposium, about 10 people formed an Action Circle to meet for 2 hours every second Saturday afternoon.  There are currently 7 members.  Initially, the focus was on supporting each other as we worked on individual actions leading to personally and ecologically healthier life-styles.  We then expanded our actions into the community with several Transition-like events.

In the summer of 2014, the Be The Change Circle decided that its next project would be the creation of a Transition Initiative in Mission.  We began in July with 2 awareness-raising events – first a booth at the local Farmers’ Market then 2 weeks later a booth at a street festival.  Our intention is not to be the Transition Initiative but to be the catalyst in its formation.

On March 28, 2015, about 40 citizens attended a public meeting to introduce the Transition concept to Mission.  A couple of short videos explained the principals of Transition.  Then, a panel of 3 representatives of local Transition Towns (Golden Ears TI, Village Surrey and Village Vancouver) described the goals, activities, problems and successes of their Transition initiatives.  This was followed by a panel of 4 local community members who explained how they see the Transition Town initiative benefiting existing and future community activities.  The concept was enthusiastically received and a follow-up meeting on April 11 attracted about 25 people interested in seeing this venture proceed.  The result of this meeting is a Core Group of 6 people who will form the Transition Initiative and another 14 who have expressed willingness to volunteer at events or provide any help when needed.

The Core Group and the Be The Change Action Circle (the instigators of the TI) have met 3 times.  The first decision made was to name the TI which will now be called BRIM – Building Resilience In Mission.

The group, which will now be meeting once a month, consists of 8 people – the 6 who volunteered at the public meeting and 2 Be The Change Members who want to continue with the TI.  They are an enthusiastic and energetic bunch eager to lead Mission into a low-carbon and resilient future.

After few years of not being very active (especially during Covid), the group has seen a renewed motivation. A few new people joined BRIM. The most popular project by far is the “Repair Cafe” which run at the library on a monthly basis.

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