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Last Updated: 364 days ago

Transitioning is a community-led response to the challenges of climate change and peak oil. The emphasis is on making the most of local resources and local people, and building resilience. Seeing the abundance on our doorstep and so reducing dependency on fossil fuels, reducing vulnerability to increased energy costs, and actually making life better. For example our home-grown apples more delicious than those freighted from the other side of the world …. Think global, act local.

We aim to reduce energy waste and the long supply chains dependent on fossil fuels. Additionally, to encourage the smart use of alternative energy technologies. If you already care about the issues and want to do more then it would be great to meet you. If you’re into crafts, have a hobby, make things, fix things or have practical skills then you’ll find like-minded others amongst us. We can teach and learn from each other, through a skills or time bank, or simply a swap. If you’re an existing community group then we’d like to know about you so that we can work together and promote each other. If you’re a local business we’d like to support you.

Lets weave a social fabric that better connects our community, reduces isolation, nurtures caring, and sees possibilities and opportunities rather than problems.

Through doing this we’ll build local resilience, tread more lightly on the planet, and find the kind of happiness that we all want. In short, make a future that we choose rather than have one imposed on us that we don’t want.

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