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Charitable Community Benefit Society
Very Active
  • Community Growing
  • Other food projects
  • Nature
  • Community hub or activities
  • Festivals, fairs or events
  • Art / creativity
  • Community visioning / imagination work
  • Building local networks
  • Local economy or new economy projects
  • Wellbeing or Inner Transition
  • Social Justice / Just Transition activities
  • Youth or education projects
  • Share, Repair or reuse
  • Energy
  • Transport

Coexist – a Bristol-based social enterprise renowned for growing creative community spaces, pioneering new economy projects and fostering community-led resurgence.

In 2008, Coexist founded Hamilton House  in Stokes Croft, Bristol – as a pilot ‘Centre for Excellence in Sustainable Community’. Through careful co-production and collaboration it became one of the UK’s largest and most successful community-cultural hubs, which it managed for ten years before the organisation’s much publicised eviction, along with over 500 artists, social enterprises and charities, in December 2018.

Drawing upon its experience and learnings, Coexist is now building a movement to support communities and community hubs across Bristol.  Many vital spaces and places – as well as organisations and services – are under threat.  We believe that this network of people, infrastructure, knowledge and expertise is essential for individuals and communities to thrive.  These resources need to be championed, nurtured and protected if we are to be successful in transitioning to a more sustainable future.

As part of this work, Coexist has launched The Bristol Commons – a movement for sustainable community prosperity.  It’s current aims are to:

Share resources and nurture a culture of collaboration, not competition – a network of reciprocity based on commoning;

Bring vital infrastructure into community ownership to build community wealth and enhance community health – to Rebuild the Commons!

Generate a surplus to reinvest in vital projects that support marginalised groups and fund an equity-based sustainable restoration programme;

Collectively persuade and steer the council and national government for increased community power – including the right to buy community assets;

Create systemic change so that developers and private landlords are no longer the key beneficiaries in our cities by facilitating communities to protect and nurture our shared assets to maximise public benefit.

This work is embedded within the Transition Movement, as commoning and recommoning is a restorative process that values our whole Earth and all its shared abundance, biodiversity and resources as sacred and vital.  We use commoning as a practice to move from an industrial growth society towards an ecologically just and restorative society.

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