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Community Connectors

Last Updated: 534 days ago

Community Connectors is an attempt to cultivate links between a broad range of people and projects making a difference in and around Middlesbrough.

It’s a series of spaces for local groups to support each other. This could involve sharing resources and knowledge, or just giving each other moral support as we work to make change in our local communities.

Community Connectors is broad, emerging, interconnected and community-led. The entire network is linked as a transitions initiative but we have an ‘Eco Sphere’, dedicated to hosting conversations and bold collaborations that reimagine and rebuild our locality.

Our current Eco focused activities include: Huddle (space to meet up and check-in at the start of the week. Great for activists to be vulnerable and connect without any expectation to do more). Urban Rebirth (a networked approach to urban interventions including alley makeovers and public living rooms). Reimagining Boro (creative community organising to prompt bold visions and actions that reimagine our shared environment). Mixing Pot (events where we invite guests to share a thought provoking talk, followed by World Café style conversation). Blueprint (a festival of radical ideas and experiments for a transitioning world)

Across 2022 we’ll be mapping more of what’s going on in Middlesbrough. Please get in touch if you’re keen to make connections


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