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Last Updated: 584 days ago

Transition Constantine is centred on the village of Constantine, near Falmouth in Cornwall. During the development of the parish plan in 2008 it became clear that there was a strong feeling that the community should be making progress on all the themes that are now associated with the Transition movement – and so the local Transition group was established.

Since then, the group is probably best known locally for running the monthly Farmers’ Market, set up some years ago now and still going strong. There have been lots of other activities, from running insulation campaigns, to screening movies such as ‘Chasing Ice’ and most recently ‘This Changes Everything’, through to installing a DIY hydraulic ram pump for the benefit of local allotment holders.

One major initiative that originated in the Transition group has been the creation of Constantine Community Land Trust – aiming to provide affordable and sustainable homes for local people. This group has now successfully launched as an independent entity, and is currently looking at a number of locations for houses around the village.

The Transition group has a couple of significant projects on the go at the moment:

– working with Constantine Pre-school (as part of the 10:10 Solar Schools programme) to install a Solar PV system on the roof

– developing a small community windpower system. This is a slightly unusual (if not back-to-front!) project, in that the group has received as a corporate donation two small turbines (and all associated equipment) and is now working to identify a site where they can be installed.

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