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Dallas North Texas Regional TT

Last Updated: 580 days ago

We in Dallas have an unofficial planning committee of about six to eight people working on a (six to eight week) coordinated reading of the Transition Handbook and at least six others on the mail list that have shown significant interest. 

We are certain that we could bring in a lot more people into the movement very quickly if we chose to recruit but we are intentionally taking a go-slow approach these first few months as we get our bearings.  

I am sure this form will need to be re-written in a more formal manner later but I felt it was necessary to place a stake in the ground here so more people would be aware of our existence. If it turns out there are parallel efforts we are unaware of we will of course consolidate with them later.

(For Now) this is our primary meeting place on the web…

There has been a bit of confusion over which place we should really be meeting so we have also made a place holder and pointer page  here…


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