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Last Updated: 183 days ago

 Deurne is a district of Antwerp in Belgium. We founded our own transition group about one year ago. We dreamed, discussed and planned. Now we are starting with our first real initiatives:

– we have made a website CHECK IT OUT! 🙂
– we’ll go to events to promote our transitiongroup
– we’ll do information and film evenings about transition
– we’re preparing an activity for kids called ‘Low impact Kids’ with the writer of a book about this theme.
– we’ll bring together some older people to talk about how they lived before the age of the oil. 
– we want to work together with other organisations (like the community house)  to do a transition initiative like planting vegetables in pots (which can be interesting for people living in an appartment)
– we want to know which fruit and nut trees are already standing in Deurne (mostly unnoticed) and promote them. 
– we want to give workshops about creating more diversity in your garden.


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