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Dover UK – Transition Dover

Last Updated: 214 days ago
This is an estimate which includes visitors to the monthly Dover Repair Cafe, participants in family craft activities and community members visiting our stall at local events.
November 2015
Unconstituted (a group of individuals)
Very Active
  • Nature
  • Festivals, fairs or events
  • Art / creativity
  • Share, Repair or reuse

We formed in November 2015 and since then we have made steady progress at establishing a reputation across Dover for helping our town to become greener and more sustainable. We have a Facebook page and an e-newsletter you can sign up to receive, plus a Facebook group to encourage participation among eco-novices, called ‘Dover Eco Cafe – Save Cash and Save the Planet’.

Our current projects include running the monthly Dover Repair Cafe at Biggin Hall and caring for the ‘green corridor’ along Bridge Street, to encourage insect life. In 2022/23 we have run activities for children and families, including making t-shirt bags; Christmas & Valentines crafts using scrap sari fabric; and lavender bags from upcycled fabric.

We attend a number of community events throughout the year including the Dover Multicultural Festival, Dover Regatta and the Dover Big Local Urban Fete. These give us an opportunity to spread awareness about our projects and encourage the local community to live greener, more sustainable lives.

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