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Dovje-Mojstrana: Zelena prihodnost

Last Updated: 97 days ago
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We stopped organizing events during the Covid period. Fewer and fewer 'members' and none initiatives. Our FB page was regularly updated. On the last New Year, the two remaining members decided to inform the FB public that we are not active anymore.
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Dovje-Mojstrana: Zelena prihodnost (Dovje-Mojstrana: A Green Future) flowed from the momentum of the Food is Free Slovenija project, which was started (by accident!) by Justi Carey and Roy Clark and gained considerable interest in Slovenia in the summer of 2014. Following on from that, a group gradually formed in our village with some ideas of what Dovje, Mojstrana, Belca and Radovna could be like in about ten years time, with a focus on Food, Transport, Ecotourism, Energy, Waste and Recycling, and Skill Sharing. We decided to register as a Transition initiative in order to benefit from the support and credibility that being part of a big network provides.


The villages are set in a stunningly beautiful alpine valley. Four villages, Dovje, Mojstrana, Belca and Radovna, comprise around 1500 people and are part of the Kranjska Gora občina (municipality).  The major economy is tourism, which is why one of our main topics is ecotourism and how we can attract visitors while still protecting and improving our environment for the people that live there. We have wonderful resources in terms of land (for growing food), wood (for fuel and building), and water and sun (for energy). Our aim is to protect and develop those resources for a sustainable future for our valley and its people.


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