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East Valley Transition

Last Updated: 184 days ago

East Valley Transition is a group of residents of the East Valley in Phoenix, AZ interested in bringing about transition and localization to our neighborhoods and towns. Whether you are into gardening, composting, biking, canning, homeschooling or organizing community events, you are already practicing transition towards a greener, localized lifestyle. Please join the conversation and contribute your ideas on how to get a ‘Transition Town’ started in the East Valley.


‘Transition’ is a community based approach to become ‘resilient’ – self sufficient and interdependent, creative and celebratory, ecologically mindful and socially interconnected. Due to globalization, we are at the end of the long supply chains providing basic products, goods and services. With this in mind, we are also disconnected from each other, and our economy is dependent on non-renewable fuels that degrade natural systems and deplete resources. Our communities are not resilient when faced with peak oil, climate change and economic turmoil.

The Transition movement is a process for planned, immediate and voluntary energy descent by neighborhoods, towns and/or cities, envisioning the resulting future as positive and better. It is a social experiment on a grand scale, with 380+ official initiatives worldwide, including 90+ in the United States. List of official transition initiatives in the United States –

If interested in our discussion, please join us at 



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