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Eastbourne Transition

Last Updated: 290 days ago

What How & Why?

We are a community-led response to climate change and the environmental and economic uncertainty this causes – and we believe the best way to do that is by creating projects & ‘just doing stuff’. We are providing a framework for an effective move away from fossil fuels in a practical and community-driven way. We’ll do this with creativity, inspiration, education and by sharing resources. Specifically, we will beraising awareness about the things we can all do together. And not waiting.

We believe in encouraging and enabling people to respond positively to important issues and to help us all to believe in ourselves again by creating our own ‘green initiatives’. We’ll also be working with existing groups, projects and people.

So, in a nutshell, we’ll be initiating and supporting projects that make Eastbourne a more resilient, thriving place. We do this because a community using less fuel, and resources, will be healthier, more abundant, closer-knit and a more pleasurable place to live.

So where are we transitioning to?

We don’t have a blueprint. We believe in multiple paths, guiding principles, idea-sharing and possibility. We think an honest search for answers is as important as the conclusions gathered. It’s fine to make mistakes and learn from them – but it is important to act too. We are heading towards uncertain times, but we know we must stop using fossil fuels. So, why not find fun ways of doing it, ones that benefit our community? We will all decide together when we get there!


We work in a collaborative way because we get better results that way – collectively we are greater than the sum of our parts. We are open to working with others and welcome diversity and see it as a strength, not a weakness – being socially inclusive.

Here’s some of the broad topics we’re interested in:

Food, Energy, Economy & Enterprise, Water, Community, Transport, Waste, Green Spaces, Re-skilling, Inner Transitions & Health.

Many of us are interested in many of these, and we are free to get involved in any, or all of them. To get involved, why not start by signing up to our newsletter or joining one of the groups created by Transition Town Eastbourne…

Getting Involved

Everyone’s different, some of us like to jump right in head first, others can only give a little time due to kids, health, work etc… so we place no obligation on you. Simply do what you feel able to do & enjoy it.

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