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El Manzano

Last Updated: 556 days ago
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El Manzano is a small resilient rural village leading the way in the Bío-Bío region of Chile. The community is in the midst of a participatory planning process, tweaking the Transition Towns process for its Chilean context, to determine its own destiny. Post earthquake we have refocused our efforts with broad participation with the community to install simple technologies for water, food, shelter, recycling, etc in every home in the community. We are currently working with a number of NGO´s in the affected regions of BíoBío and Maule to replicate the El Manzano planning model in the redesign of communities.YOU CAN  HELP US PUT TRANSITION ON THE AGENDA IN CHILE  El Manzano is a living university, or college of the great reskilling, where people can learn side by side with humble simple-living people who know sustainability in their bones. Visitors to the community have the opportunity to work in the community, in the school and on the farm to develop practical skills through action learning. The villagers are food producers, on a small and intensive scale, producing enough grains, roots and vegetables to meet the needs of 80 village residents and plenty to trade. A small food processing, packing and distribution facility has been constructed to provide local work and access to niche markets in the region.    The community is very experienced in the arts of creative facilitation and delivery of transformative learning experiences, and has provided inspiration to hundreds of Chileans looking for sustainable living solutions. El Manzano offers certificate, diploma pre- and post graduate degrees in planning and design for resilience.What we do;Governance – participatory decision-making.Administration – forming leader full groups.Demonstration – walking the talk.Education – talking the walk.Networking – switching on citizen power.El Manzano is proud to form a node of our international learning community, and senses as a collective that by leveraging the power of our networks, through simple modest acts of responsibility we can mobilise change.

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