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Englefield Green Team

Last Updated: 126 days ago
Our network of community members, centred around the ‘Englefield Garden Greenies’ Facebook group, volunteers at the Village Centre and the Hub, Royal Holloway’s Volunteer Hub and Englefield Green Village Residents Association ’s 700+ membership, are willing to dedicate some of their volunteer time to establishing and maintaining Englefield Green Team initiatives. Englefield Green has a population of over 10,000 people, including Royal Holloway students, and we tap into this incredible resource base for support.
CIC (community interest company)
Very Active
  • Community Growing
  • Nature
  • Community hub or activities
  • Festivals, fairs or events
  • Art / creativity
  • Community visioning / imagination work
  • Building local networks
  • Wellbeing or Inner Transition
  • Social Justice / Just Transition activities
  • Youth or education projects
Improving green infrastructure within Englefield Green’s public spaces will benefit the whole community’s mental and physical health. Our projects are implementing measures that support our community to reduce barriers to transforming local green spaces and influence how people feel about their agency in managing their own green spaces, from the current situation of helplessness and progressively degrading public spaces. Our existing work through initiatives such as the Hub’s Gardening Club, has successfully shown that, with the right incentives, community-led green space initiatives can flourish and deliver benefits to community members, especially those experiencing disadvantage. Our strength-based intervention specifically engages vulnerable community members exposed to the cost-of-living crisis, focusing on positive interventions rather than highlighting deficits. This approach to engagement is grounded in the idea that communities possess the motivation, knowledge and skills to address their own challenges. We have set aside a budget to directly compensate young NEET participants for their time in activities, thus valuing and honouring their contribution. We are always seeking co-funding to support individuals that are not in education, employment or training from within Englefield Green. To ensure the continuity and sustainability of activities, their role will be to lead on maintaining the projects initiated by the community, including tree watering, collection of supplies, as well as outreach to volunteers and the wider community with updates about projects through social media posting. These individuals will benefit from a small financial contribution to conduct activities regularly, as well as mentoring and work experience which may lead to future employment/qualification if desired. Our projects include the establishment of wildflower verges, fruit tree planting, community vegetable gardening, educational outreach to local schools and collaboration with other local entities, eg. food banks, Royal Holloway University, Village Centre, the Hub and biodiversity/food growing projects in neighbouring areas. Our projects will not only help to combat the climate emergency and benefit local wildlife species, but will also contribute to the building community resilience and cohesion, with a special focus on the mental well-being of those who live in the area, as well as those who participate.

Our aim is to transform public green spaces in Englefield Green into biodiversity havens, connect with others and create beautiful areas for the local community and wildlife. We hope to inspire community conversations and actions promoting the social and environmental value of our public green spaces, while addressing the climate change threat.

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