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Finsbury Park

Last Updated: 451 days ago

Our growing group keeps us very busy, with new growing sites created in the park, outside the doctors, church, train station, library and school. We are focusing on lots of public growing projects, including developing a community nursery in the park itself – for edible plants. We hope to use the enthusiasm of the Asian Action Group volunteers during Autumn 2010 to increase the number of growing sites – we particularly would like to do some estate planting.

The building and energy group has recently secured money to give training on home energy audits and we plan on DIY draft proofing each other’s houses – turning a chore into a social event. The transport group is focusing on increasing bike riding skills by doing workshops for adults in the local primary school. We have regular knitting, yoga, meditation, and jam making sessions. (Actually knitting is surprisingly popular – we found that there were already loads of local groups. We’ve added a Monday session at the Finsbury Park Homeless Families Project, and now knitters can do their thing almost every day of the week!) There are plans afoot to do toolshare project as well.

For inner transition, we have a meditation group and the Macy Mondays (peer support for activist leaders) is co-ordinated from here.

We hope that the Well Oiled Festival 2010 will recur every year because it was great fun.

There are monthly socials at the Brownswood Tavern on the third Thursday of the month. If you want to find our more about this group, please contact tt “at” jo “dot” homan “dot” me “dot” uk.

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