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Framlingham (Greener Fram)

Last Updated: 152 days ago
Unconstituted (a group of individuals)
Not Active
  • Community Growing
  • Building local networks
  • Share, Repair or reuse

Voluntary community transition group based in Framlingham. We run monthly Swap and Mends where people bring things they don’t want and swap for things they do. We also mend things with volunteers mending leather goods, welding, and repairing. The repairs are completed for free and the parts paid for by Greener Fram. All we ask for is a donation. Two to three hundred people attend Swap and Mends each month. We run a community garden in partnership with Framlingham College. We teach others how to grow crops and share the produce. We run a Free Share Shed. We cover all our expenses, insurance, website, mending, hall costs, and starting new projects from the donations given.

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