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Frankfurt am Main

Last Updated: 566 days ago

Transition Town Frankfurt was founded in November 2011 in the “Metropol” at the cathedral by about 20 change enthusiasts. After the first structures and groups had been formed, concrete projects quickly emerged: solidarity farming, urban gardening projects, a repair café, bees, regional money, appearances at discussion rounds and much more. We also quickly realised that Frankfurt is definitely an active city when it comes to sustainability and environmental protection; there are a large number of initiatives, projects and active people here who all have a common goal. That’s why we quickly concentrated on networking – because why set up working groups when there are already wonderful groups. Networking and making it visible is therefore also one of our focal points.

In order to strengthen this, the “Wandeltag (Transition Day)” was born in 2014 – a day of action on which initiatives, groups and many people make their work for the city and the environment visible, get to know each other, celebrate, plan and do things together. Since it began with the “Blue House”, Wandeltag has grown steadily. In 2018, together with the “Pier Festival” from “Pier F – Port of the Future”, it became the “Grünwärts-Festival (Greenward Festival)” .

March 2015 represents an outstanding month for us in two senses: On the one hand, Transition Town Frankfurt was awarded the Carl and Irene Scherrer Foundation’s sponsorship prize of 2000 euros. This motivated us very much to continue and expand our path. Then, in the same month, we founded our association. We had reached a size that also required formal structures, so there was no way around it.

In 2017, we had the opportunity to receive funding from the federal government on the topic of “Short Paths for Climate Protection”. With these funds, it was possible to implement projects with paid positions. Transition Town Frankfurt applied with two projects – “Tortuga Community Garden” and “Heddernheim in Transition” – and received funding for both for two years. Two more milestones.

We are first and foremost FOR something – to maintain, create, transform a liveable, sustainable, great Frankfurt.

We want to be: initiate and shape a positive and sustainable change in our city in a sustainable, solidary, creative, collaborative and respectful way.make life positive. Strive for the best for each other, the community and each individual. Act according to permaculture principles: – Care for and sustain the earth. – Caring for people and promoting positive coexistence – Sharing yields, saving energy – Reduce consumption and use of resources

We with each other: Everyone is welcome who shares our attitude and principles. We always want to treat each other with appreciation, respect and tolerance. We want to listen to each other and hear each other out.

We with others: We want to support and cooperate with Transition-related initiatives that promote sustainable, ecological, social and cultural interests of the people in the Frankfurt area. This includes networking with other groups, associations, NGOs, initiatives and local politics and looking for common ground. We want to bring old and young, seniors and children together and promote sustainable community.

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