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Climate Action Frodsham

Last Updated: 186 days ago
Beyond the 160, more people have seen our stalls/displays at various events.
January 2012
We have a constitution and small committee
Somewhat Active
  • Other food projects
  • Festivals, fairs or events
  • Energy
  • Transport
We support Frodsham's community orchards.

Climate Action Frodsham is the current working name for Frodsham Transition Initiative which began in January 2012.

We are a group of local people who are concerned about climate change and the effect it is already having on the lives of people and wildlife locally and globally.

We are also affiliated to Friends of the Earth.


The purpose of CAF is to help the community of Frodsham live a more sustainable way of life and to become happier and more resilient in the face of global uncertainties.


We help local projects get started, talk to people at events, give talks to local groups and schools. Organise workshops and green days. Send out a monthly newsletter usually by email. Produce information on what action we can all take and encourage people to join us.


*We set up a community choir* *Helped establish community orchards*

*Supported care for the Elderly* *Have pushed for community energy projects such as solar panels on schools*

*Organised debates: for example on energy issues* *Organised workshops on home energy saving*

*Produced information leaflets and delivered to all homes in Frodsham and Helsby* *Created a website, with information on all that we do, what people can do themselves and links to further information*

In 2023 our focus was on food: we ran a seed and plant swap afternoon in the spring, ran community orchard events and attended events with information on moving to plant-based meals and reducing food waste.



Going into 2024 we are continuing to run workshops on how to use thermal imaging cameras and reduce heat loss from homes.

With grant money from Frodsham Town Council we have bought a thermal imaging camera for local people to borrow.

Our focus for 2024 is Travel and Transport. Keep an eye on our website for details.

We have developed Bus out Walk home days out- see website.

Watch out for orchard walks in the spring and autumn. Look out for us at local events such as Festival in the Park.

More of our activities can be found on our website.

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