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Last Updated: 295 days ago

We are a group of Gawler residents inspired by Transition Initiatives around the world and we have started a Transition Initiative for Gawler.

This will be a positive solutions-focused way of gathering those around us together to start exploring community-scale responses to peak oil and climate change. We will promote discussion of these important issues in the community.

Transition Gawler began July 2012 and currently has ‘Muller’ status.

Our core purpose is to mobilise and facilitate community action in order to respond effectively and positively to climate change and peak oil. We hope to achieve this by:

Raising awareness in the Gawler area of climate change and peak oil; Providing a framework for an effective response to climate change and peak oil, including the creation and implementation of an Energy Descent Action Plan; Creating visible, practical projects that will reduce our CO2 emissions, reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and empower residents to participate. Engaging and building networks with community groups and people and groups already active with these issues;

We do this with the aim of creating a world that uses less energy and fewer resources and because we believe that by doing so Gawler will become a closer knit, more self-sufficient and thus resilient community.

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