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Granja Viana

Last Updated: 591 days ago

The movement TGV – Transition Granja Viana – was brought by Isabela Menezes to the region. Who knew the movement through  CRIS – Reference Center for Sustainability and Integration.      Transition Granja Viana has a strong group initiator and entrepreneur, in addition to the massive support of the local press. Special mention to the site of Granja Viana, with its logistical and financial support, essential to the movement. The TGV was created in June 2009, has held 12 meetings and five successful actions:     The Solidarity Exchange Fair AUescambAU

The Solidarity Exchange Fair AUescambAU happens every last Sunday of the month in Granja Viana. The fair puts into practice the idea of changing consumer habits.  People exchange clothes, books, objects and services. The fair intends to change our consumption habits, aiming at sustainability, solidarity and community spirit.         I VOTE WHERE I LIVE   

The campaign “I Vote Where I Live”, which main objective was to motivate the “Granjeiros”, inhabitants of Granja Viana, who live in Carapicuiba town, but voted in São Paulo, to transfer their voting documents to Granja Viana electoral college and putting into practice its citizenship where they live.     

The Earth Hour in Granja Viana

A worldwide event in which Granja Viana participated in a very particular way. Besides joining world campaign that aims to draw attention to global warming, the action at Granja Viana had a local and particular approach: 27 restaurants joined and offered candle-lit dinners and also contributed with resources gathered that night for revitalizing Santa Adélia Square, a square at the heart of Granja Viana.   

My waste is my business    

Working group to change the relationship of humans with the trash:      1 – Trash, Throw away? Where is away?     2 – Is may trash, so I take care     3 – Circle of Life X Chain of consumption     4 – houses, centers of consumption or production centers      5 – Pre-cycling – Watch what you are buying      6 – Small urban farming – from earthworms to rabbits and chickens and other pets      

GOL  (Goal: We Like Local Organic Products!)

The idea is simple and is already being implemented by a group of families: to buy organic food directly from local organic farmers. Our local farmers were about to give up their jobs because they were not being able to sell their organic production. 

EcoFeira Granja Viana

As a result of the GOL group, Eco Feira is our local market of organic food since 2010. Bringing together 3 organic agriculture families and more than 30 local artists and small entrepreneurs of local and natural food as Breads, cakes, beer, etc..)

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