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Grass Valley Friends Meeting

Last Updated: 505 days ago

The Grass Valley Friends Meeting ( is just entering the mulling stage. We have several people expressing interest, and are planning on bringing the Transition Town Initiatives to the attention of the rest of the members of Grass Valley Friends Meeting (Quakers). This is not (yet) an official initiative approved by GVFM, but is merely in the exploratory phase. The information listed here is to allow for ease of contact by similarly minded local or affiliated interested parties.

We are associated, and co-located with, the Woolman School (, a nonprofit educational community dedicated to the principles of peace, justice and sustainability.

We note with interest the APPLE Center Initiative in Nevada City. We are already aware of the APPLE Center, and as soon as we form a core group, and if we gain the approval of the Meeting to proceed, we will be contacting APPLE to discuss working together, joining, and/or supporting.

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