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HackDemocracy & SocialTransformation Group

Last Updated: 584 days ago

1. Objectives

HackDemocracy & SocialTransformation Group is a multidisciplinary reflection and social action/design group. We aim at providing insights on societal evolutions and the underlying dynamics that drive changes. With every single – potential – change arises a wider spectrum of options which social value can be qualified/quantified :

within the larger ecosystem of its interactions, over the long term, and within a purpose/vision, and with multidisciplinary insights.

The Group aims at raising awareness and providing analytical insights, reflect on alternative solutions in social design, and deliver strategic advise on the crucial concepts, paradigms, choices, trends and consequences on the future’s scenario’s.

2. Scope

The Group is apolitical but addresses much political questions/issues at some point. It aims at providing contributions in the decision making process and/or solving process of specific topics/issues, at strategic, tactical, or operational levels. When addressing social questions with multidisciplinary insights or with an holistic approach the scope opens up as a matter of fact and will have to address all components of what makes a society and their institutions. As a consequence, the scope is not limited to the public sector at large but also includes the private sector and all artefacts and constructs that shape and bind societies.

The Group aims at complementing the approach and insights with both scientific and technical expertise gravitating around and/or partnering on demand along the agendas and solicitations. The regular audience of the group having technical/entrepreneurial/managerial roots in both public and private sectors. The initial scopes of HackDemocracy (set-up 2014), which used to be more focused on technological aspects, and SocialTransformation (set-up 2009), which used to be more focused on social design/transformation, insights/innovation, were preserved to instill even more symbiosis through our reflections/actions.

3. Languages of our conversations/events/presentations/publications are :

usually in English, also in French, sometimes in Dutch, exceptionally in German, rarely in Spanish.

4. Social media & website

Please note our Meetup page has been removed and so far we are only present on LinkedIn (about 2100 members, mainly from European countries, Northern Americas).


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