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Hamilton Green (Indianapolis, IN)

  • Hub: United States
  • Topics: Arts, Built environment, Energy, Food & drink, Inner Transition, Knowledge & learning, Natural environment, REconomy, Transport

We are neighbors in a three block area in the inner city Near East Side of Indianapolis and our contacts, all aiming for prosperity in an ecologically and socially appropriate context. Adjacent to our current boundaries is an idle prison.

Themes in our work include

– global and local ecosystems as our finite life support systems,

– community,

– agriculture,

– World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOFing),

– permaculture,

– edible landscaping,

– pawpaw trees,

– foraging,

– education,

– eco-entrepreneurialship,

– appropriate technology,

– human powered vehicles,

– equity,

– environmental sustainability,

– societal resilience,

– vertical tiny houses and

– ecocities (i.e., urban and rural design that favors nature, including humans, over cars).

We welcome temporary and long term collaborators, including as residents. There is housing for sale and rent out here, including rooms for rent. So what are your concerns and visions? What would you like to accomplish? Let’s talk, about vision, your skills and your experiences to figure out how to work together.