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Hamptons In Transition

Last Updated: 556 days ago

Hamptons in Transition (formerly East End Transilience) is a group of people on the eastern end of Long Island, NY, working to build a local community network that sustains a resilient future.

We are a community of farmers, fishers, baymen, builders, and business owners who share the goal of economic prosperity in the face of diminishing resources, spiraling costs, and environmental challenges.

We are a community of historians, preservationists, and environmentalists who strive to maintain our historic integrity, protect our natural resources, and preserve a sustainable and healthy existence for ourselves and future generations.

We are teachers, parents, and families who want to preserve a way of life that is enriching and satisfying. We envision our children growing up in this beautiful place, knowing how to care for it, and having the fiscal option of remaining here as adults if they choose.

We are writers, artists, and performers who want a culturally rich environment where our work is valued and the surroundings are inspiring.

We are residents and visitors who enjoy the local businesses, protected beaches, and the rural quality of life on Long Island’s East End.

We are a local network of people and organizations that together are finding ways for our community to adapt to potential environmental catastrophes, economic decline and climate change.

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