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Hannover, Germany

Last Updated: 590 days ago

Transition Town Hannover (short: TTH) was founded in 2010 by a couple of people. Within one year the initiative grew up to approximate fifty activists and several sympathizers. In April 2011 it initiated Hannover’s first community garden “Küchengärten Limmer” (kitchen gardens Limmer) on an industrial wasteland. Since September 2011 an abandonned old office building of Contintental Hannover – called “Transition Town Hall” – is also connected to this garden. It’s actually being used for exhibitions, concerts, lectures, bartering and different projects.

At the beginning of 2012, there are about two hundred activists, a number of cooperating intiatives and a well-differentiated structure of organzisation. The initiative has got five subgroups e. g. a gardening group, a group for public relations and a group dealing with the inner human transition. Moreover, two local groups in northern and southern Hannover are in their founding processes as well as some other gardening projects.

Transition Town Hannover has got fifteen employees and good relations to the local government as well as to various local institutions.

Besides, some greater supported series of lectures and events have already been initiated e. g. “Post Oil City” (September 2010), the first german spoken transition conference (November 2010), “Post Oil City 2” (June 2011) and “Hannover in Transition” (January / February 2012) closing with a three days lasting visioncongress to develop new urban projects.

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