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Hapigro Nr. Asmindrup

Last Updated: 173 days ago

Holistic Sustainable Community

Hapigro is based on a principle of sustainability that reaches beyond the traditional physical realm and adds the people who occupy the space into the equation. There is no place without people. 

Within this principle a village will not be sustainable unless it also provides the people who live and love there the mental and social nourishment to also be in balance with the world around them.

This is the core foundation of Hapigro, to create a holistically sustainable community both for the environment and for the people living there. This is the heart of the Hapigro village, that it is possible, viable to create a place where every element is part of the solution and not the problem. 

For instance this means that as a part of a Hapigro community we will include a fitness center, where the energy created from the machines, will give energy to the electric grid, so the energy used will be put to use and not just wasted. 

Otherwise the core foundation is building a co2 negative village, which can play a part in the bigger challenges that we face today as a planet. 

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