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Last Updated: 185 days ago

Transition Heathrow is a grassroots action group working to build resilient Heathrow communities, capable of collectively coping with the injustices and threats of climate change and peak oil.

Taking inspiration from other transition town projects, Transition Heathrow aims to draw out the juxtaposition of sustainability and airport expansion. We aim to promote grassroots solutions led and controlled by those directly impacted on the ground, such as Heathrow workers and residents. This enables communities to feel empowered rather than simply suffering the consequences of the profit-driven decisions imposed by corporate government elites.

Bottom-up solutions can aid a just transition towards a sustainable and resilient Heathrow, whilst the top down solutions of the corporate government elites will only lead to maximum profits for a few at the expense of job losses, community destruction and environmental degradation.

Transition Heathrow hopes to bring together the democratic innovation of the Transition Town network within the workplace militancy of the labour movement and the self-defence of environmental direct activism. Combined with the tenacious resistance of local communities, the project aims to grow resilience that not only can see off future threats but can also bring Heathrow communities together.

Our biggest project at the moment is a squatted market garden site called Grow Heathrow.

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