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  • Hub: Spain
  • Topics: Arts, Built environment, Culture & Society, Energy, Food & drink, Inner Transition, Knowledge & learning, Natural environment, REconomy, Transport

PhD in Human Cognition and Evolution (UIB) in process

? What are the possibilities of success of the Transition Model and the Theory U in shifting from an Ego System to Eco System Economies, implementing resilience and localisation. Mallorca a Model of self-organising community‐led for People to ‘act now and act collectively’?
The HumanSphere Theory: a pathway to local sustainability and ‘powerdown’
demonstrate that it is within human capacity and knowledge to consciously enhance and improve the environments in which we live. The 4 dimensions of sustainability (ecology, economy, the social and the cultural) are all integrated into a holistic approach.
Humanity’s response to the challenges we collectively face must be inclusive, recognising our interdependence with all of life.

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