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Ikšķiles pārmaiņu iniciatīva / Ikskile Transition Initiative

Last Updated: 533 days ago
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If you care where and how you live…

Probably your mind has been crossed by thoughts it’s necessary to recycle waste, drive less or support Earth that has suffered from development of civilization in some other ways… But is it possible to change the world on your own? Maybe we just have to wait drastic limiting laws? If only they don’t come too late… We have better proposal – let’s create Transition Town in Ikskile NOW! … let’s get together, get acquainted, support each other in daily efforts to care about environment, let’s create a community of citizens*, start real and worthy projects for the sake of future in Ikskile, get fun, relax, have serious discussions, become educated and teach others, work hard and relax again!

* Community – a group of people that lives in a certain territory and share common interests and goals. Community is a group of people that has chosen to live and work together to achieve common aims and vision.

What happens in Ikskile?

Transition Town Ikskile initiative is working since March 2010. We already have had many presentations and discussions about climate change and peak oil issues, as well as we have had the screenings of environmental movies in local library and day centre. In weekly meetings we develop our mission statement (vision, mission, values) and strategy of activities. When we feel strong and safe enough, we will register our Transition Town as an official initiative.

Want to join?

Transition Town Ikskile is in its early stage of development at the moment – we are taking over experience from similar initiatives in Europe, we are working on our basic documents (mission, vision and values) and gathering information about persons who shares our views, so every inhabitant in Ikskile is welcome to join our initiative.

There is just one condition yet – you have to be living in Ikskile for at least 1 year.

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