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Jamaica Plain New Economy Transition

Last Updated: 529 days ago
* Jobs of the Future * Resilient Community * Food Security * Community Health * * Climate Change * Local Enterprises * Affordable Homes * Urban Agriculture * * Youth Opportunity * Green Buildings * Is Jamaica Plain ready for the new economy? –

Jamaica Plain faces urgent needs for affordable housing, youth jobs, violence prevention, quality transportation and lower cost energy.JP residents working for equitable development and sustainable green practices sometimes speak different languages, reflecting the race, class and cultural divisions of our neighborhood.

How do we bridge these differences and prepare together for a new economy?

Many of our challenges are rooted outside the neighborhood, but we know there is much we can do to strengthen equity and resilience at the local level.

Context: Rapid Change

At the same time, scientists report that we have fundamentally altered the climate because of the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. This will lead to short and medium term changes in weather, agriculture, energy costs, and public health with impacts already felt in our communities.  While no one knows the time frame, we generally agree that the ecology and economy are going through deep transitions.

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