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Jersey in Transition

Last Updated: 524 days ago

Jersey in Transition (JiT) started with a showing of the film In Transition1.0 in November 2010. In a lively discussion afterwards, many of those present said that they wanted to do more towards putting Transition principles into action in Jersey. This led to booking the room again in January 2011 for an open space meeting in which plans were laid for forming specific interest groups.

A steering group was nominated and elected at an inaugural general meeting held later in January, which has held public general meetings every month since. Specific interest groups that have been formed and have held meetings and events include the following. Those marked with an asterisk have their own Facebook group page, in addition to the general JiT Facebook page.

Breadmaking and baking – Anna and Cilla Eco-kids* – Michelle Green drinks – Nigel Grow your own fruit and veg* – Nicky Jersey car share* – Maria Make and mend (community workshop) – Nigel Nature & Soul Jersey* – Amanda Shwopping – Ruth Summer fiesta* – Maz Upcycling and sewing – Kirsten Walks and talks – Nigel

It is sometimes difficult to draw clear lines as to what activities in the island are part of JiT, associated with JiT, inspired by JiT, or are just running along similar lines alongside JiT. The following local Facebook groups also have a lot in common, in terms of the people involved, the aspirations and/or the philosophies.

Anti-whaling group Jersey Arts from within Body inferno dance ~ Bountiful beans ~ Jersey Climate Action Network (J-CAN) Jersey wildlife Wake up Jersey

JiT is a not-for-profit organisation with a formal membership and constitution, and a bank account. It is a registered charity and hopes soon to be a member of the Jersey Association of Charities. There is no membership fee, but donations are welcome and will be used very carefully.

Each of the groups has an impressive list of achievements and plans, too long to go into here. Many of them hold events and activities every month. The best way to become involved is to join one or more of the Facebook groups to stay up to date on plans and events. Joining JiT itself, by filling in and returning a membership form, helps boost our profile and also gets you on our mailing list for the monthly e-mail newsletter that gives the dates and times of usually about half a dozen definite events each month.

We are proud to say that all of this is the done with the kindness and love of volunteers. We have never yet had to charge an entrance fee to any JiT event. Sometimes we ask if people can bring food or snacks to share, and occasionally we have had to have a whip-round to pay for the room when we have not been able to get a suitable space for free. The generosity, energy and enthusiasm of all of you, the people involved, is itself an inspiration to us all.


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