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Katonah, NY

Last Updated: 556 days ago

This is a mulling group. I’m working to create an interest in Katonah to begin an official initiative here.  With the support of our newly formed and official Transition Westchester hub, I’m hoping it will be a little easier getting the word out.   I just need the support of my community. To find out more of what I and some of my peers have been doing check out our blog: TransitionKatonahBedford   and our facebook pages here Transition Katonah/Bedford Facebook  and  Transition Westchester

Right now, it’s just me emailing my friends and neighbors updates on reskilling events, meetings and other happenings around the county. Pretty soon I hope that four more local, brave souls will step up and we can begin the real work of Transitioning Katonah! The beauty of Katonah is that it’s already so close to being in Transition!  With a few more tweaks it will be an incredibly resilient town to live and work in and ready to meet the uncertain challenges of the future.

 I am a NY state certified educator, a certified landscape designer from the NY Botanical Gardens, an artist and a life long gardener who has been studying and applying permaculture methods for many years. Local food security is high on my list of priorities. In the light of the recent wacky storms, extended power outages, and limited food supplies (trucks couldn’t travel) I feel it’s only logical for our community to address these issues now while we have the luxury of hindsight and resources, rather than wait for the next crisis to hit and wring our hands all over again.  Our children depend on us to keep them safe, and if we focus our energy to protect our children, we will all benefit. The T4T training and facilitator training I received from Tina Clarke is invaluable!   I recommend Training for Transition to anyone who is interested in this movement. It’s an eye opening experience and a real inspiration.


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