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Kings Cliffe Transition

Last Updated: 173 days ago

We are an enthusiastic active group of volunteers based in the fabulous village of Kings Cliffe, Northants. We’re passionate about Transition, here’s a bit more information about what we’re up to.

Current Projects

  • Transport Group: Monthly Bikefix workshops; Local bike ride leaflets; Generally encouraging the community to walk or use their bikes rather than jump into the car for short journeys.
  • Food Group: Community orchard in The Pytchell; Allotment project creating mini-allotments for people who can’t or don’t want to manage a full or half-size allotment. A group of us have set up an ethical food buying cooperative. We encourage people to minimise packaging and refill containers wherever possible.
  • Wildplaces Group: Kings Cliffe is very lucky to be set in a wide area of wonderful natural environment. We have many sites recognised for their high value for nature and biodiversity and our Wildplaces Group was set up not only to manage these areas for the wildlife, but also to encourage villagers to get out and enjoy them. We run regular work parties to manage these areas and keep them open to visitors, and always welcome new volunteers. We also organise guided walks where we explore our wild places, and discover interesting plants, animals, birds and insects.
  • Other: Kings Cliffe Transition Fair every November to encourage folk to buy ethical and local.
  • Awareness Raising: We write an article about our Transition activities every month in the village gazette. We have designed and printed an information brochure that has been posted through people’s doors and is made available at any events we run. We have a website, which is updated quarterly, and a very active facebook page.

Future Projects

  • New cycle/walking routes, e.g. local disused railway line. If the whole line were converted it would link several local communities as well as going a long way towards providing an excellent route into Peterborough for cycling commuters.
  • A project to look at air quality. We’re currently investigating the cost of air quality monitors and talking to the local council to see what their doing on this front.
  • We would like to start an Energy Group, and have been inspired by Lewes Transition’s solar panel project. One day…

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