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Kwinana Community Share

Kwinana CommunityShare (KCS) 

Our core belief is that we all have something to share, and by sharing we will create a more sustainable and cooperative community. We are a community organisation which encourages members to share their skills, their resources and their lives to build a better and more self-sustaining community for all the people of Kwinana.

We are a positive, active group who will achieve these things by working together as a community of likeminded people. This may include:

  • encouraging more active neighbourhoods where wefeel safe to ask for and offer help
  • helping each other to grow and share organicfood
  • encouraging skill sharing and bartering systemsover money
  • helping to develop and foster homeskills (raising children/cooking from scratch/basic DIY)
  • mentoring each other through skill sharing
  • sharing of resources, neighbourhoods do not need 20 lawnmowers – lets share, connect and save

Connect with each other – Share resources – Save our natural heritage

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