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Last Updated: 496 days ago

Transition City Lancaster is a community organization based on the model proposed by the Transition Network – that is, to provide local support for the transition towards a resilient and sustainable community in the Lancaster area.

So what does that mean, in everyday language?

We live at a unique time in the history of mankind, when, for the first time we have become aware that the way we have chosen to live is having a seriously detrimental effect on our environment. The debate about man-made climate change has raged for several decades between environmental scientists from around the world and political or business motivated nay-sayers. It was only in 2015 that global political leaders gathered together and reached consensus that we need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and even now there are still a few who stick to their denial that anything needs to change about their way of life.

However, accepting that something needs to be done and then doing it are two different activities. Many of us may think that change is something that has to be done by governments or by huge corporations. Accepting personal responsibility for the harm that is being done to our planet has not yet become a universal principle embodied in everyone’s daily life but there are a growing body of people who are leading the way forward.

Members of TCL have signed up to taking that personal responsibility and are active in making their personal transition towards a truly sustainable way of life. They are also committed to helping and advising others to move in the same direction.

This isn’t an easy process.

It means that we must all constantly question and analyse our personal habits and activities. It also means that we need to continually learn and develop our understanding of what needs to change as new knowledge is gained by leading scientists and environmentalists.

If you live in the Lancaster area then please do join us. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to come to meetings or work on specific group projects because not everyone has the time to do such things. What is essential, though, is to make a commitment to your planet to take on your share of responsibility by making changes in your own lifestyle and in the actions that you are doing, both personally and in your work. So sign up to our constitution and subscribe to our newsletters and let us know how you are getting on through our contact page so that we can make others aware of your efforts.

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