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Sustainable Harborough Community

Last Updated: 556 days ago

Sustainable Harborough Community has been at the forefront of the environmental movement in Market Harborough and Harborough District since 2007. Originally known as Transition Town Market Harborough, we became the 22nd town to join the national and international Transition Town movement.

​We are a collaboration of communities and individuals coming together to reimagine and rebuild our world, caring for one another, our community and our planet. We are focussed on developing the ideas, dreams, partnerships and projects which will enable this to happen.

Embracing the three tenets of the Transition Town Movement – Head, Heart, Hands – We aim to bring together reliable information and compassionate people to form active teams who can effect real positive change on the environmental, economic and social health of the Harborough District.

​We are committee led and welcome people of hope and action.

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