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Mill Valley, CA

Last Updated: 590 days ago

Transition Mill Valley engages the creativity, expertise, and skill-sets of our friends and neighbors in the design of a sustainable, resilient, and mutually-supportive community. We collaborate with other groups to bring about an inspired awakening to the challenges of peak oil and climate change. We recognize the need to build a sustainable, local economy, and to restore the living systems that insure our future.

Currently we have an initiating team of 5 people who kicked off Transition in Southern Marin in 2009. This group works with a supporting Hub Group or 30 other highly motivated folks who have interests in the many topical areas of Transition such as localizing food production, energy alternatives, economic alternatives, etc. Transition Mill Valley depends heavily on many partner organizations that work in these key areas. This way the HUB serves as a network source to draw local folks into the discussion and get them connected to the various channels where they can apply their ideas and energy.





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