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NATURALMENTE – Retreat Center

Last Updated: 185 days ago

Naturalmente is a Holistic Retreat Center ,
focused on a Natural way of Living
where we invite everyone that feels the call
for a Deep Connection with Nature ,
(and as a mirror of the outside ,
also connecting and awakening our inner Essence,
in connection with All the Universe )

with activities that promote the expansion of CONSCIOUSNESS ,
raising our Vibration, expanding our Awareness,
Reconnecting with the Essence within the Being,
and becoming aware of our interconnection ,
in Oneness with All-That-Is,
and Co-creation of a World of Love

we receive volunteers that feel in tune with our vision
(please see our site:

– Detox and Revitalization
(Living food – raw vegan)

– “Living in a Natural Way”
– Returning to our Essence …

welcome, Naturalmente …

Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu
( may all Beings, from All the Worlds, Be Happy )


NATURALMENTE – Holistic Retreat Center
-Nucleum for the Reconnection with the Essence within the Being

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