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Newark, NJ

Last Updated: 549 days ago
Transition Newark is Now Open!   “Wherever cities are heading, I’ll bet Newark gets there first.”

Donald Malafronte, Newark Mayoral Aid 1969


“Newark’s story is that of urban America in extremis. No community hopped aboard the runaway train that was the Industrial Revolution as wholeheartedly as Newark.  In its embrace of manufacturing, Newark grew as quickly as any city.  When the United States rode to the prominence as a world power, it did so on the backs of cities like Newark.  Then, to use a modern cliche, Newark experienced the perfect storm of twentieth century urban troubles: deeply entrenched corruption, industrial abandonment, white flight, racial conflict, soaring crime rates, fiscal insolvency, dire poverty. Newark’s saga reflects the rollercoaster ride of Everycity, USA, only with a steeper rise, sharper turns, and a much more dramatic plunge.”  -Brad R. Tuttle, author  How Newark Became Newark


“The story of Newark is America’s story…It is the story of a brave people.”

Newark Evening News, January 2, 1966






 Do you know about Transition Newark?    read on…    

What is Transition Newark?

  It’s a group of people who live, study, or work in Newark and want to join the global phenomenon of doing things for ourselves… locally


-Growing our own food

-Learning collaboratively

-Throwing massive parties w/bonfires 

-Going to the park

-Having a plan if SHTF (hello again Sandy?)

It’s about people coming together…

Because if we wait for governments, it’ll be too little too late

If we act as individuals it will be too little

But if we act as communities, it may be just enough, just in time

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