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Newton Abbot

Last Updated: 183 days ago

Transition Newton Abbot (TNA) is a community organisation which aims to bring people together to improve the sustainability of our local community, by tackling global issues at a local scale.

What is Transition?

The concept of Transition is fundamental to what we do. TNA is part of the Transition Network and a global Transition Movement. These movements aim to revolutionise the way we live our lives, and how we interact with our environment and other people.

Some of the issues addressed by this movement include climate change and the environment; local and global economies; and sustainable use of energy and renewable energy generation. TNA is just one of thehundreds of initiatives across the world!

What Does TNA Do?

The Energy Group works to raise awareness about how we all use energy, while aiming to use energy more wisely and also generating energy from renewable sources. For example, the Group has produced some impressive Energy Sculptures which decorate Newton Abbot, and also acted as the foundation for Teign Energy Communities.

The Community Garden Group has worked hard to restore a piece of previously unused land and transform it into the garden and growing area that it is today. As well as improving the landscape and growing food, our Garden volunteers also organise events and activities relating to gardening, local food, and outdoor skills.

The Book Group brings the people together who are interested in exploring ideas and strategies for more sustainable living. Group members always aim to incorporate something from the books into their own lives, either individually or as a group, e.g. a change in buying habits or a visit to an interesting project.

Can I Get Involved?

Yes! We are always looking for people to get involved! Find out more about joining a group, or attend one ofour events. It’s also easy to keep track of our activities.

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