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Open Ormeau

Last Updated: 194 days ago
No Hub
We have a big free community party in the park with music, circus, storytelling and food, about 1200 local ppl come along. We also run o the er events throughout the year, with approx 20-30 attendees. The vast majority of these are also free to attend, and in the park.
Lockdown 2020
We are a constituted group
Very Active
  • Festivals, fairs or events
  • Community visioning / imagination work
  • Building local networks
  • Wellbeing or Inner Transition

We are a grassroots community collective, set up during lockdown to add to community cohesion, creating events and projects that local residents can get involved in, to make friends and make a difference  to the local area, with a focus on pedestrian and cycling experience, liveability and climate action. We are open to all, and everyone is welcome to bring ideas. People can get involved in planning or delivery, and projects range from free cookery classes, to big community festivals, Halloween costume parades and uniform swap shops.

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