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Last Updated: 536 days ago

Our endeavour is to find local solutions for a global chaos. Transition Oststeiermark wants to show, as a grassroots initiative, that a nature friendly way of living is not necessarily driven by abstinence but can be a gain in itself – a gain in quality of life, social contacts, of purpose. Wie are able to create a world in balance – with nature, with other human beings, with our next generations. Every action we take lets us meet new people, widens our horizon, lets us laugh about our mistakes and celebrate our successes, while we change the world.

Through awareness raising and networking we are endeavouring to set steps that meet future expectations with concrete actions in the following fields while having fun together:

Ecological footprint: to reduce it is our only chance to stay on this planet any longer without destroying nature, the base of our existence.

Food Sovereignty: Presently our food travels over thousands of kilometres while quality and autonomy get increasingly lost. Therefore and to close substance flow loops and increase social inclusion and justice we are partners in the Edible Cities Network, short EdiCitNet.

Mobility: In times of peak oil and particulate matter pollution there must be a focus on mobility, especially in sparsely populated areas, as in Eastern Styria, where automobiles are still considered essential.

Social justice: A liveable future should not only be friendly to nature but also to all humans.

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