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People into Permaculture

Last Updated: 590 days ago

Permaculture is as much about how it feels to live in your living room as it is about how it feels to live in your community.

– Reuben, Project Manager

People into Permaculture is a community organisation that takes a people-centred approach to permaculture. Encouraging us to apply principles of permaculture to our lives, relationships and society with the goal of contributing to personal, social and planetary well-being.


Embedding permaculture philosophies of people care, earthshare and fareshare to connect people, food and the environment Create a community and supportive network of marginalised groups which supports and develop individual skills of community members Creating diverse engagement within the community while supporting sustainable and creative practices Working with other organisations to help create bespoke accessibility and diversity in practical ways Challenging sexism, racism, transphobia and all forms of discrimination in everything we do

Many projects centre on the important work of eco-design and learning to grow food and be self-sufficient. However, many people do not have access to the money, resources, gardens, space or time to participate in these activities. Such activities may not be accessible to people of diverse abilities and marginalised groups. People into Permaculture want to recognise the holistic approach of permaculture and aim to bring it to people of all backgrounds and abilities together and promote the interpersonal elements of permaculture. We recognise that what others see as weaknesses in the group are where the learning comes to support each other and desire to come from a point of understanding our mutual vulnerabilities.

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